Play Roulette Online

Тhe trend has shifted slightly in recent years. Casinos from Las Vegas, Monaco and Macao all have their own special charm, but the modern Casino fan now plays table games at online casinos. The offers players receive have improved enormously in recent years but fluctuate naturally, so it is best to compare them. Although classic Roulette is still the most popular game, online casinos continually seek to seduce new customers with a variety of offers and many now allow live Roulette with real croupiers via Livestream.

The different games in the casinos

Basically Roulette can be differentiated between American and  European game version. American Roulette is played with a double zero, meaning you have the numbers 1 to 36 and two zeros on the table. The European version has the numbers 1 to 36, a single zero and one green section on the roulette wheel (Kettle). Because of this fact, house advantage is reduced. Players who prefer a higher probability of winning choose to play European or French table Roulette.

The rules at the Roulette table

The Roulette table consists of a field with the numbers from 0 to 36 (we will use the European version as our example here). In addition, all numbers are arranged in the so-called Kettle (a roulette wheel), in which a ball is thrown. In real life casinos croupiers fulfil the task of rolling the ball and recording results. In online casinos, a user presses a start button that makes the Roulette ball roll. First, you can place a bet using as many virtual chips of increasing value (normally from 10 cents to 20 Euros) as you wish. If your bet wins, you immediately earn money, based on  your bet’s value.

There are differences between the bets that you can make at a Roulette table. You can bet on single numbers, or a group of numbers in a section. If the chip is placed on a line, several adjacent digits can be included. If you hit the exact number, the prize is distributed in a ratio of 35: 1. On the outside are the well-known simple chances, i.e. the betting possibilities on red or black, straight or odd respectively on 1-18 and 19 to 36.

The table limits are just as important in online casinos for players as they are in real-life casinos. Before taking part in a game a Roulette fan has to review all necessary information and adapt opportunities in play to their own financial perceptions and game strategy.

The ultimate advantage of online games – the bonus

„Roulette is Roulette“ – it is the game of games. The online casino rules are exactly the same as in any other real-life or online casino. Having said that, gambling on the Internet can be a lot more appealing.

However, online casinos do not allow Roulette games to qualify for a bonus because of the small house advantages that Roulette provides them with. At most casinos, the turnover of a game only contributes with a very small percentage to surplus conditions. Before you register as a new player, with any casino, you should become familiar with its terms and conditions for a specific bonus program, and consider all offer exclusions.

The best casino providers on the Internet do not allow users to start for free, but bonuses encourage users by reducing risk exceptionally. New customers are usually greeted with an attractive casino bonus, which allows them to test games free of charge. The casino bonus rewards your own commitment, (it is tied to your own deposit). Deposit limits are pushed by the best casino providers with premiums of up to € 1,000, so that bonuses can sum up to 300 percent of the total sum of money. The offers of online casinos constantly vary. At the end of the day, you should always keep in mind the fact that the highest welcome bonus is not always the most attractive bonus. The framework conditions are even more important, especially with Roulette.

In many casino bonus programs, Roulette is excluded in their rollover conditions. If your new customer bonus is only for slot games, then you should consider whether to accept the gifted money or not. The winnings earned at a Roulette table are usually a subject to withdrawal restrictions. This is why it is crucial to understand casino rules and conditions before signing up.

The best casino providers on the Internet count Roulette with a qualifying bonus of about 25 to 30 percent. The Casino Club has become the absolute Roulette king of the scene in recent years. The games at the table are calculated at 100 percent. This means that the Casino Club will welcome new players with a 100% matched bonus of up to € 1,000.

Obviously, online Roulette has several other advantages. The casinos on the Internet are open around the clock. Deposits can be made within a few seconds via secure financial service providers. Instant convenience must not be overlooked as it enables players to gamble in peace at home. Furthermore, the selection of games, especially regarding table limits, is considerably larger online.

However, the Internet is nowadays no longer a domain found only on a PC. The best casino applications (apps) also include Roulette and can be played at many casinos via smartphone or tablet. This enables players to play Roulette on the go, anywhere and at anytime.

The best known strategy – useful or not?

The World Wide Web is full of countless „absolute safe“ Roulette strategies. Above all, the Martingale System is given a legendary status and celebrated by the so-called experts. Many users praise the doubling strategy used in this system as the answer to beating casino providers. But this cannot be any further from the truth as the Martingale strategy is one of the riskiest game systems of all. After just ten lost laps, the bet requirement has multiplied by one Euro to 1,024 Euros. Even if your wallet allows higher gaming, very often the table limit in the online casino is reached at this point.

Often it is pointed out that users only earn their winnings in the first ten minutes and then the game should be terminated. This suggestion is pure nonsense, as casinos work with reputable, secure software systems to ensure fair gaming for all. Any possibility of the random generator in the software influencing the game (on behalf of third parties) is absolutely impossible. Even casino operators cannot intervene in real-life games.

Other known Roulette systems are, for example, D’Alembert Roulette and the Paroli strategy. However, there is no 100% assurance or guarantee that these systems will make you a profit. The ball still decides for itself on what number in the kettle to land on, whether you play in real-life casinos, or on the Internet.

The free Internet Roulette games

Roulette promises winnings after each round. Nevertheless, there are also possibilities to play for free. The best online providers offer their games in Fun Mode. If you want to play Roulette free of charge, in many cases you can start without registration. The advantages and disadvantages of the Internet based games are obvious. If you do not risk money, you cannot make any real gains. On the other hand, it is also true that you can lose a considerable sum at a Roulette table if luck is not on your side. But you are more likely to win money at Roulette compared to slot games. Free Games are particularly suitable for learning Roulette as well as trying out different strategies and systems.