Coin Master - mobile game

Coin master – The Lord of the Coins

Here’s why the whole world is crazy about Coin Master game

Coin Master is one of the latest manias in the gaming industry. Although the game was officially released a couple of years, it took it while to straighten its position as the newest big blockbuster for the iGaming audience. Why has the Coin Master turned into one of the most played game for the last couple of months? Find out in this brief, but detailed review right away.

General information

The reason why Coin Master has achieved such a huge success is simple. This game represents an engaging mixture of two of the most played and preferred game genres – slots and simulators. Most of the gameplay is a traditional slot machine activity. With each winning spin, you win coins and more spins (just like in a classic slot game), as well as attacks, shields, stars and raids. With all of these, you move to the next game level, the simulator, which in Coin Master is an environment where your mission is to build a village. This is how traditional slot lovers receive a more intriguing plot to immerse in, while the simulator gamers can make their first steps in casino slot machines.

How to play the game Coin Master?

In Coin Master upgrading your village is the primary goal, but to afford you need to at first win some stars, which on the other side, are given within the progress of your building process. The building process, like in real life, requires investments – the coins you collect from any winning spin. The best part in Coin Master is that you can play it with your friends, including by interacting with them through social networks. This is a fully mobile-friendly slot-like simulator game, which is available for Android and iOS devices. Coin Master is not real money gambling product but played with virtual money, which is why it is rated as suitable for 12+ players.

Tips to consider

Before you start playing Coin Master, make sure to read the game terms and conditions. This is an essential starting tip we give to all players regardless of the games they play. Then, when you immerse into this absolutely captivating gameplay, you can try our specially tailored tricks to improve your strategy and to achieve more positive results:

  • Use the social network Coin Master community to exchange extras. If you have friends, who are also keen on the game, exchange cards with each other, too.
  • Do not forget to login at least once per day in the game to become eligible for a new daily bonus.
  • Do not spend your hammer in vein until you don’t check whether the player you attack has already activated a shield.
  • Take the benefits of the special in-game events that come with awesome extra rewards such as the Viking Quest Event, the Jackpot event, etc.
  • When you win coins, spend them on new buildings to arrange in your village as soon as possible. If you don’t do that, but instead log out, the next time you log in your village might be attacked, and you will lose everything you have won up to now.

Final thoughts

With its big bunch of in-play bonuses such as extra spins and an additional village round to start once you fully upgrade your primary one, Coin Master is a fantastic combination of the traditional simulators with a completely new, next-generation slot machine experience. Add to these the modern graphics and the pleasant, cheerful soundtrack, and you get an excellent alternative for your leisure time.

You can download the game for mobile at the  Google Player Store